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Today I am sitting at a technology workshop next to my motorcycle buddy, Linda. She has a much nicer bike than me (a very pretty BMW), so I always make sure to help her out. Maybe she’ll take me for a ride one day! :-)

Linda just mentioned that she has a daunting technology project where she has to create a lesson using primary sources. Since Linda is a US History teacher there are tons of freely available resources for her and her students to use. One website I am encouraging Linda to check out is the Library of Congress website. Right at the top of the page you can type in your search terms and find all of the information available on that topic.

Linda’s hoping that the projects her students create can be shared online. However, that means she has to find images and content that are held in the public domain or the creator has given permissions to use their work. The US Government’s Official Website has a page where you can search for photos and images. All of these images are available for use in the public domain.

If you are interested in using public domain works to create content to be shared on the Internet you should also check out the Creative Commons website and the Creative Commons Search Engine. I also noticed a great video prepared created by Clay Burell, an innovative teacher in Korea, to help his students create videos without violating copyright permissions. Take a look!


Photo: Shifter by Fensterbme

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