Smokey Sacramento


Its sunny, 82 degrees with 34% humidity and yet I am sitting inside with the air conditioning on and the windows tightly closed.  “Why?” you might wonder.  Well, it seems most of Northern California’s hilly areas are on fire after a rash of dry lightning strikes last weekend.

Sacramento, along with the rest of the Central Valley, is the place where all of the smoke is flowing due to a nice on-shore Delta Breeze.  We seem to be getting the brunt of the smoke from the Napa/Solano Wildfire. Today was the third day of smoke-induced hibernation and frankly I’ve had enough!  My eyes itch like no body’s business and I’ve developed this lovely bloodshot portion in one eye that makes everyone ask, “What happened?”  I’d like to say something macho like I just got done breaking up a fight at school, but in reality my eyes are just a good barometer of any atmospheric changes whether they be allergens, dry air, or now smoke.

Another side effect to the fires has been the limited time I’ve actually seen Kelly other than when he’s on the news or madly Blackberrying about the fires.  He did, however, make a lovely Google Map for the California OES website.  Guess who showed him?  I also got him using Flickr. I bet Brian and Burt had no idea how far their trainings would travel.  :-)

I snapped the picture above this morning as I headed to work around 7am.  The sun shouldn’t be that orange and the high rise buildings in the distance are located in downtown Sacramento only 2.5 miles away.  Fortunately, the weather forecasters are predicting that the smoke should be gone by Friday, but Kelly has heard more lightening is on its way.  Might be time for day trip to San Francisco!


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