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Sharing Stories with Google Earth from Joe Wood on Vimeo.

Two weeks ago I had the fortunate experience of presenting at the CUE 2010 Conference in Palm Springs.  The title of my session was “Sharing Stories with Google Earth” and I had hoped to live broadcast the presentation out to people who were not able to attend the CUE conference in person using Ustream.  Unfortunately, Ustream, along with YouTube, was blocked by the convention center!  I never even thought to check each of these services since they both were not blocked last year.  At the last minute I decided to run iShowU in the background to at least capture what was happening on my screen.  While its certainly not as nice as a live broadcast or seeing both the presenter and the screen (which you can do with Ustream Producer), the video does allow you to virtually visit the session.  So for anyone who is interested in learning how to use Google Earth as a writing tool click on the video above.  One note, the audio is a little low until about 8 minutes in to the class when I got closer to my computer.  All handouts and additional resources are available on the JoeWoodOnline wiki page.

Overall, the session went great and it was nice to have friends and colleagues, such as Gail Desler, Brian Bridges, and Jerome Burg in the audience.  I’m looking forward to developing this presentation a little more as part of a summer institute I’ll be participating in later this year.


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