Scientists as Videographers


Clay Burell posted an interesting link for science teachers on his blog last week. In his post he describes how eSchool News had a story on videos being used to make science more accessible for all students (adults at home and children the classroom). I checked out SciVee and found some interesting demonstrations with great explanations. I think my students may be using a few of these on their wiki. There are also video introductions to soon-to-be published research. What a fascinating idea and a great demonstration of science in action for students.


12/19 Update: If the video above does not play its not your fault. SciVee has done something funky to their site in the last few days. Most of the instructional demo videos have disappeared only to be replaced with tons of videos on research topics. As a former university researcher, I see the merits of these videos, but as a classroom teacher they are kind of useless. If you happen to be affiliated with SciVee please bring back the demonstration type videos. These are great for kids and useful for a variety of projects.

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