The other projects and places (both inside and outside of the classroom) where you might find me and my work…

Getting Googley

Recognizing that many of our colleagues from surrounding districts were all leading Google Apps EDU workshops we collectively started a one-stop website, Getting Googley.  The site contains tips, tricks and resources for getting started with Google’s suite of tools.

NCS EdTech News

In my latest role as an instructional technology coordinator we are using technology to help teachers and administrators see what is possible with their students.  NCS EdTech News is an online collection of resources and classroom stories for using technology to “minimize the transactional and maximize the relational.”

NCS PD Portal

If NCS EdTech News is the “why,” then the NCS PD Portal is the how. This site contains tons of resources from presentations to videos, screencasts, and collections if links to support my teachers in the development of their own edtech skills.  Feel free to look around the site and use information that would be helpful for you. Topics range from using Google Sites to Smartphone Photography and Twitter for Educators.

Digital Is

The Digital Is website is a product of the National Writing Project.  As a 2010 Area 3 Writing Project Summer Institute Teacher Consultant I joined the National Writing Project community and have yet to look back.  Take a moment to check out the Digital Is website and you can even stop by my page.  Throughout the Digital Is site, you will find tons of resources for incorporating writing into your content area.


As an Instructional Technology Integration Specialist for San Juan Unified School District I had the opportunity to work on numerous projects, but one of my favorites involved supporting the thousands of iPads that suddenly began organically appearing across the district.  iSanJuan is an online repository of app lists, curriculum ideas, and first-person accounts of iPads in the classroom.


As you might have guessed from my Book of the Week and other posts, I’m a bit of a reader.  If you’re curious in finding out what I am currently reading, take a moment to pop by my Goodreads page.  If you have an account, friend me…and if not consider making one.  It’s a great way to discover future good reads.

EdTech Classroom Podcast

A few summers ago, one my favorite CTAP friends, Burt invited me to start a podcast with him all about using technology in the classroom.  A year later one of our regular listeners, Karen joined us.  So, far we’ve had a great time and exchanged some pretty fantastic ideas with each other and our listeners!  I know I always learn something to use with my students every time we record.  Have a listen and let us know what you think. Note, we’re on a bit of a hiatus as Burt and I have recently taken new jobs and are pondering doctoral programs, but hope to be back one day.

San Juan & Sylvan Moodle

Moodle? What’s that!?! Does it come with marinara? A few years ago that was my initial reaction when learned about this fantastic online course management system. Now, I can’t imagine not using  Moodle and I hope I never have to go back to a Moodle-less existence.  If you’d like to check out my Moodle courses send me a note from the Contact Me page and I will send you the guest enrollment key.

Salk’s Periodic Table

How can you make the periodic table unit a little more interesting, while also teaching some writing and information literacy skills?  Consider having your students construct an interactive periodic table.  A few years ago my 8th grade class constructed this site as an on-going project to demonstrate their knowledge of elements, atoms, and atomic structure.  Feel free to take a look!

Room 34 Wiki Textbook

After borrowing stealing a great idea from an innovative teacher with whom we should all have the pleasure of working, my students and I started creating a online textbook in the form of a wiki. Students are broken into groups and each group is responsible for a “chapter” based on one of the California 8th Grade Science Standards. Now students seem to prefer “wiki work days” over anything else. Our wiki has spawned conversations not only about science, but Creative Commons and basic HTML as well. By April we should have a great review project for statewide testing. Take a look at our work in progress.

Room 34 Wiki Glossary

While one class is creating a textbook my other class is creating an online glossary.

Review Podcasts

Every 12 weeks my students have the pleasure completing a benchmark exam (aka Trimester Final). I am always looking for interesting ways to get them to review. A few years ago we created Trimester Review Podcasts and it was quite a hit.

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