PowerPoint Review Games


For a few years I have been using PowerPoint to review with my kids just before a test or trimester final. It works well for almost any group of students. Sometimes we play in teams, some times students answer timed questions on a sheet of paper and try to have the highest score. Either method results in students who are engaged, learning, and having fun.

PowerPoint games are one of those easy-to-do technology integration strategies I take for granted and assume everyone is already doing. The only downside to these files is that they can be a bit cumbersome to make from scratch and even with the help of a Google Advanced Search I have never really found one that covered the same curriculum I was teaching. Over the weekend one of my colleagues at Somerset remembered a link to a website that has a bunch of these templates already set up for you to use. All you have to do is plug in your questions and answers. It works great and they have templates for a variety of games. Download one and give it a try. If you really like it share the file with your colleagues and see if they will make one in return.  Any questions? Let me know. Sonja – Thanks for sharing!


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