Podcasting from the Car


As you can see from the posted picture I am currently sitting on my car on the Internet waiting for Burt and John to log in for the fifth episode of the Ed Tech Classroom Podcast.  Why am I sitting in my car?  Well, this Thursday we attempted to have AT&T U-verse installed at our house.  A technician was there all day Thursday, all day Friday, and now all day Saturday.  From what I can gather our house and neighborhood networks are working fine, but AT&T can’t switch our services at their main switching station.  All I know is that I didn’t have a stable network connection at home, so I am sitting in the parking lot in front of the neighborhood Starbucks.  Using their network and my T-Mobile account I will be able to podcast with Burt and John about 1:1 laptop programs.

As I have been sitting here in the car, I’ve been digging through my Google Reader unread posts and learned about another innovative up-and-coming podcast, Cell Phone Live Radio.  Liz Kolb, an advocate for using cell phones as a learning tool in the classroom is creating her own live radio talk show/podcast all about using these ubiquitous devices in education.  Take a moment to listen to her ideas.  They’re always fascinating and innovative.  I even learned something just by finding out what product she was using to create her episodes, Blog Talk Radio.  This might be something Burt and I have to check out in the future.


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