Two weeks from today will be my first official day at work. Naturally, like most teachers I am already here working on my classroom and attempting to get a head start on what will likely be a challenging and exciting year. Since I am two weeks out, ’tis the season for lesson planning. Every year I have developed a different computerized method for creating lesson plans (Word, Excel, Access, and I am sure some others), but last year I was introduced to my favorite and so far the best one I have found – Planbook.

If you have never heard of Planbook and you want a simple, easy-to-use program, you might want to check out this software. It is cheap ($30), created by a teacher (Jeff Hellman), and a has a great Yahoo group for any problems you might encounter.

(Planbook screenshot – I still have lots of work to do!)

One thing I really like about Planbook is its ability to publish your lesson plans to the web. For the past six months or so I have been writing my lesson plans using Planbook and uploading them to my Moodle site for students to use as an assignment calendar. The software places all of the lessons AND any attachments (handouts, assignments, webpages, etc) in a folder ready for the web. Each of these items appear as a link for students to download. Now instead of uploading multiple documents each week, I am uploading just one folder!

I started using this program when it was a free beta version, but it was so good I was happy to pony up $30 for the latest version. Currently Planbook is a Mac-only piece of software. But PC folks (Lisa) have no fear – your version should be coming soon.


Photo: Working on Long Range Lesson Plans by CaptPiper

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