Personalized PD at the Library of Congress


In my earlier post I talked about the resources I picked up from the Library of Congress session at NECC09.  Another Library of Congress project announced at NECC is TPS Direct.  TPS (Teaching with Primary Sources) Direct is a self-guided, personalized professional development program for teachers (or groups of teachers) who are interested in learning more about how to effectively use primary sources in the classroom.  As I discovered during my visit to Washington DC, the Library of Congress has been providing face-to-face professional development.  While I am sure these are excellent classes, they’re a bit challenging for teachers outside of the greater DC area to attend.  TPS Direct allows teachers to receive similar professional development, but online at their own pace.

Take a moment to check out:

  1. Self Directed ModulesAn Introduction to the Library of Congress
  2. Professional Development Plan Builder

I’ve been watching the videos in “An Introduction to the Library of Congress” and so far I’m pretty impressed.


Photo: Library of Congress Reading Room by Queen of Subtle on Flickr

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