Packing my Bags!


Tonight’s been a flurry of activity around my house – emptying the trash, finishing up those last grad school assignments, writing sub plans, and packing my suitcase.  Tomorrow as the final bell rings and I wave good bye to the kiddies (I have bus duty, so yes I’ll really be out there) I’m hopping in the car and heading to Monterey for the CLMS/CLHS/NHSA/CUE Technology Conference.  On a personal level this conference has some historical significance.  I did my first solo presentation at CLMS two years ago and last year I met my current teaching colleagues on an elevator ride down from my room (I met Jerome Burg on the way up later that same morning).  As Burt also reminds me from time to time at last year’s conference my name was even mentioned by an edtech celebrity.  Although I didn’t hear it, so I still am a bit skeptical of the whole story.

As you can kind of tell, I love technology conferences.  They are excellent brain stimulation events that get my creative juices flowing.  Historically, CLMS has ways been a pretty good event and definitely worth the drive and time away from class (I loathe sub plans).  The likes of David Warlick, Will Richardson, and Marc Prensky have been keynote speakers and many of the sessions are presented by teachers for other teachers.  I always leave chalk full of inspiration and ideas for my classroom or to share with fellow teachers.  However, the best part of any tech conference is the face-to-face meetings with colleagues across the state who are using technology in innovative ways.  This weekend I’m looking forward to dynamic conversations with Twitter buddies, fellow wiki nerds, and a few different bloggers.  Burt and I will also be recording an episode of the Ed Tech Classroom Podcast while we’re in the same town.  This week’s topic is mini laptops.  Speaking of which, I have a new Ubuntu Dell Inspiron 9 I must post about soon.  Finally, in the mix of all of this technology goodness and synergy will be my new principal and fellow teachers who have never been to the CLMS/CLHS Technology Conference.  I look forward to showing them a great time and help them discover fantastic ideas to bring back to school on Monday.  If you’re going to be in Monterey post a comment or send me a message on Twitter.  I’d love to meet up in person.  Check back over the weekend I’m sure I will be blogging away just like at ILC08.


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