One Year Ago Today…


LondonWelcomHappy Birthday to JoeWoodOnline? This morning I found this message on Burt’s Blog. I had to go look, was my blog really two years old? I knew it was close, but I thought I started it in June. Perhaps it was in April? I can’t remember for sure. Well, I went back to my original post and checked. While it does look like April 6, 2006, it was actually June 4, 2006. The icon is a bit strange and has caught me off guard before too.

While today isn’t our 2nd birthday it IS a day to celebrate…or at least remember fondly. One year ago today it was Good Friday and after a stressful few weeks of not knowing whether or not we’d get our passports in time, Kelly and I were making our way to San Francisco for a trip to London. Oh how I wish it was a year ago! On that day I started regularly posting to another blog, Mr. Wood’s in London, so my students could follow my spring break vacation (they had listened to me yammer about it in class – it seemed only fair to create a virtual trip for them). During the week I was in London each night I would return to my hotel room to post the sights and sounds of the day. Due to the time difference I would wake up each morning to comments from my students, colleagues, and avid readers like Burt. Both the kids and I loved the experience and I will definitely do it again on my next big vacation.

Well, this April 6th isn’t nearly as exciting. I am off to do some yard work, stain a table, and perhaps even sneak in a motorcycle ride to Copia in Napa. Hmm…perhaps I do need to book that winter trip to Rome…



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