NOVA – Saved by the Sun


As all of my regular readers know I recently moved to Sacramento. During our house search we found that one of the new and extremely popular features offered in many new home communities in the Sacramento region is photo voltaic cells. These devices are integrated into the roof and produce electricity using solar energy. While we didn’t end up with a solar house (all of the locations were crummy), we are already thinking of retrofitting the one that we bought. Not only can you save a chunk of money each month, but it also seems like the right thing to do. A bunch of our neighbors have already done it.

Next week’s episode of NOVA is all about solar energy. “Saved by the Sun” asks the question, “Is it time to take solar energy seriously?” It just so happens I have a few 6th grade teachers for neighbors at school and one of them recently shared with me that renewable resources are included in the 6th grade science standards. This episode of NOVA might certainly be worth watching and even useful in your classroom. On the NOVA website it looks like this show has aired once before in the fall. That means you can also watch the program online!

If you are interested in using solar energy in your classroom you might also check out the PG&E Solar Schools progam and the Solar Schoolhouse. Should you be a Sacramento-area educator you might also check out SMUD’s Solar Grant program (applications are due March 31st). I am sure there are many more great programs I am forgetting to mention. If you know of one post a comment! Finally, if you are looking for something to do this weekend there is a Green Home Show at the UC Davis Pavilion.



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