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NOVA Car of the Future

Well, I think it happened for the last time this morning. At $3.92 with 5-10 cent increases each week, today might have been the last time I paid less than $4.00 a gallon for regular unleaded at my local Chevron. Something about the fact I realized this on Earth Day seems quite appropriate. I should start polishing off my bicycle – although, those rides from Sacramento to Modesto might be a bit long. :-)

This NPR interview with Shell strategist Jeremy Bentham didn’t exactly ignite my dreams of cheaper gas. However, a few minutes later I heard a NOVA advertisement on NPR that did give me some hope for a future that includes mechanized personal transportation. Tonight’s episode of NOVA is all about Cars of the Future. Here is a preview. Will we be driving hydrogen fuel cell vehicles or ones that run on old French-fry grease? Tom and Ray Magliozzi the two brothers from Car Talk will attempt to answer these questions and more. If your evening is free or (as in my case) your DVR isn’t completely full make sure you record or check out this episode. It’d certainly serve as a great opener for science-related critical thinking project. Hmm, ideas for the future….


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