Nifty Night


This evening I found a few cool sites to share.  MakeUseOf featured 4 Quick Ways to Download YouTube Videos today.  While I’ve done my fair share of YouTube downloading, I have never heard of any of these four.  Normally, I use or Keepvid, but sometimes both of those sites are extremely busy and work very slowly. I tried each of the four mentioned on MakeUseOf and they all worked pretty well.

  1. KISS YouTube – Add “kiss” for Keep It Super Simple before youtube in the URL and you can quickly download any movie.  For example, becomes and you get a lovely video all about the goal for November’s Prop 1.  See post below for more info.
  2. YouTube Loader FireFox Plugin – I downloaded this for Firefox 3 on my Mac and it worked perfectly.  I did need to install Greasemonkey first – just FYI
  3. YouTube Catcher – A bit slow, but you do have the ability to download the MP3 only which is kind of handy for some audio projects.
  4. Tube Leecher – Don’t you just love the title?  I do! Very simple and very quick.


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