New Year’s Resolutions


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My buddy Burt just sent me a text, “What are your resolutions for this year?” Based on his tweets, he is reading more and hitting the gym. This is the first year I didn’t think to come up with any at the stroke of midnight, but now my mind is in gear and I have some ideas.

1. Finish Grad School – My thesis was officially approved by IRB a few weeks ago, so once school is back in session I can start collecting my data. Just two more classes and the rest of my thesis – then I am done! Who-hoo! As scary as it sounds I am thinking of moving on to a Ph.D.

2. Survive Moving – Yep, we’re relocating to Sacramento. More details to come, but I will be finishing out the school year at my current site and then we’ll be headed north. Finding a new school district as great as my current one is a little scary. Over break I have been busy house hunting. I seriously saw a house with no toilets – the previous owners EBayed them when the bank took over the home. On the positive side I did also find a new home community with photo voltaic (solar electric) panels.

3. Be More Active – I hate going to the gym. Its torture, but now that I am in my 30s I can no longer ignore the need to exercise. So, I am going to try to “make an appearance” at the gym a little more often and when the weather is nice hop on my bike or walk to work.

I am sure I will think of a few others. Hope you had a great Christmas Break and Happy New Years!


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