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Anyone building a self-funded classroom library? Perhaps you’re a teacher in a Writing Workshop school or building a Reading Workshop program? Maybe you’ve checked out The Book Whisperer and wondering how you could create your own version of Donalyn’s book collection? Regardless of your reasons, if you are in the market for any children’s books you should probably take some time to check out your local Scholastic Book Fair Warehouse Sale.

This afternoon in spite of a nagging head cold I ventured out for a little Christmas shopping and dropped by the Sacramento area Scholastic Warehouse. The nondescript warehouse you see in this picture was freakin’ amazing! Once you have registered online (which you can do at home or at the store) and printed out your Fast-Cart pass, a large warehouse full of books awaits. At the moment the shelves are piled high with books from pretty much every genre and author you can identify targeting K-8 students. Some of the books are popular titles, while others you may have never seen before. The majority of the books are 50-80% off, but a few of the more popular titles are only 25% off. Your printed Fast-Cart pass will have additional savings ($10 off $50 or more and $25 off $100 or more). I left the store with an armful of books that have been on my “read soon” list. With an average purchase price of about $3.75 per book I am pretty impressed with the bargains I discovered. Below are list of some of the titles I obtained.

If you are wondering why I would spend any time reading children’s books, take a moment to read Jen Robinson’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Read Children’s Books. Once I have read these I plan on donating them to some of the classrooms where I work, along with a brief description for the students and teacher on what the book is all about. Perhaps you might consider doing the same thing? I know your local teacher would love the donation!

The Scholastic Book Fair Warehouse Sale is technically only open to educators and book fair volunteers, so if you don’t happen to fall into one of these categories you might see if your favorite teacher will take you on a trip to your nearest warehouse. I used the word “technically” because no one actually

verified that I worked for a school. However, being a classic rule follower (I check my luggage every time I fly just so that I won’t accidentally bring more than 3 oz. of any liquid) I would suggest tagging along with a teacher. Besides, he or she will likely need help pushing their overflowing cart.

Depending on where you live the sale may end soon (in a few places its only two days). Here in Sacramento, the final day is December 22nd, but I would go sooner. Who wants to pick over the last few books? Just look at the cart which I surreptitously snapped a picture of on my way out the door!


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