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I just sat through a great presentation from Jon Leister and Paul Devoto educators from the Jonas Salk High-Tech Academy in Sacramento. During the talk they shared their experience as an Apple 1:1 school and Paul shared some of the innovative strategies he is using in his math class. Many of these resources anyone could use regardless of the grade level or subject area they teach. When you have a moment take a look at the following websites and ideas.


That Quiz

That Quiz is a a great website that allows you to create and maintain math quizzes on a variety of math content for your students. Students receive instantaneous feedback and teachers receive results in a easy-to-read, concise report.

Illuminations by NCTM

Are you have trouble explaining to your students what happens when the value of fraction when the denominator increases? This website has tons of great animations to help explain even the most challenging math concepts that students have trouble picturing.

Timed Warm Ups

Using PowerPoint or Keynote slides, timed with transitions, students walk in the room and complete a warm up activity. Meanwhile the teacher walks around, assessing homework and checking for understanding. For another level of support Paul provides audio tips and hints on each slide. Imagine PowerPoint slides asking students to use the Identity property to solve a problem with a jingle helping them remember how the Identity Property works.

Race the Teacher

Race the Teacher is just that – students race the teacher to solve a problem. Paul creates a video of him solving a problem on the white board. Whenever he has a few extra minutes of class time he replays these videos and students race him using individual white boards.

Video Procedures

Are you tired of repeatedly explaining the same classroom procedure to your kids? On days where his students work in stations Paul has created a short 4-5 minute video reminding students what needs to be done at each station. His kids are engaged when watching this video because it stars fellow students.

Comic Life

As a review strategy students create their own comics to explain mathematical concepts in their own words using Comic Life. This program has a free 30-day trial (purchase price is under $30) and is Mac or PC friendly

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