Making Sense of Political Ads



I am sitting on the couch watching tonight’s Presidential Debate between Barack Obama and John McCain.  Before the debate started our TV was plagued with political ads for the various state-wide propositions on the California ballot and even a few Presidential ads in our decidedly blue state.  I can only imagine how inundated television viewers must be in a state that is still up for grabs like Florida or Colorado.  TiVos and DVRs must be necessary tools for TV viewing!

Before I stumbled across the Common Sense Media video above I never really thought about how confusing (and sometimes scary) these 30 seconds of twisted words can be for children.  When you have a moment check out what Common Sense Media has posted about political ads and a link to PBS The :30 Second Candidate. They also have some good resources for politically active teens like and Games to Encourage Civic Engagement.  Oh I just heard Obama say something about teachers and tightening belts…I better listen.




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