Skip the Frustration: Great Project Ideas!


When compared to other teachers I have a very eclectic collection of blogs in my Google Reader account.  I have entire folders related to non-edtech things.  It probably keeps me from filling every conversation with “dreaded teacher talk” as Kelly calls it.   One of these blogs is written by Levi, the LJUrban developer of local green housing project.  I’ve mentioned the project before.  Last week Levi had a post about Make Something Day and I liked the idea.  Since Make Something Day is  about 30 days away, I thought I’d share it with you now.

Most Americans spend the day after Thanksgiving hitting the malls, stocking up on loads of things they probably don’t need, and purchasing obligatory Christmas gifts that will likely be returned.  Last year Kelly and I had a one gift Christmas because we were in the midst of moving.  It was perfect!  We were forced to find just one item each of us really wanted.  I think everyone would agree we’ve come a very over consumptive nation and Christmas is just one example.  Our economy is in shambles partially because of our desire to consume.  Make Something Day is the antithesis of this phenomenon.  Instead of spending the day after Thanksgiving trapped in a mall, participants spend the day making gifts for their loved ones.  The Make Something Day group is posting a new project each day and you can subscribe to their blog for regular updates.  So far, the ideas have ranged from apple butter to coin purses and prayer beads.  If you like the idea I would also suggest checking out and subscribing to the Makezine blog.  I’m still hoping to make my Cylon Pumpkin before Halloween.


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