Life Round Here


I just got done raking leaves, pruning trees, and ripping out tomatoes. I am exhausted!

While sitting down and catching my breath I stumbled across Chris Craft’s Life Round Here Update. Earlier this school year Chris started a simple, yet very compelling digital story telling project where students told us about where they live. The part I love the most about this project is that the videos produced by each participating class have been placed on a wiki for sharing. So far I’ve learned quite a bit about Doha, Qatar and Tianjin, China while resting my weary arms.

Take a moment to watch a video, glean some ideas (if you are like me), and post a comment letting these students know what you think of their hard work. Also, show your kids on Monday…no matter what you teach. They will be impressed and kind of jealous too.


Photo: All Things Autumn by j.lee43

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