Learning – Even When School Hasn’t Started


Sometimes junior high students simply amaze me.

Last week our technology director created new Moodle accounts for all of our incoming students. Their log on information is different from last year, but still something they can probably figure out with a little creative thinking. Sure enough, at least one student already has.

As I was working on my course web page today my Moodle message screen popped up with an instant message from a student I met last year in one of my co-worker’s classes. Within a few minutes this student and I had completely caught up on all of our summer adventures and she even previewed the blog I am using with my students at another school for me. While we messaged, she was also checking out her teacher’s pages to see what’s in store for this week. Keep in mind, today is the LAST day of summer vacation. School starts tomorrow!

Okay, back to work. :-)


Follow Up: Three more students have logged in. Apparently, news travels fast. Oh, and all of them have already changed their avatars. I also noticed using StatCounter that my classroom blog has been accessed via our school webpage. My new parents and students are already trying to figure out who I am. Cool!

Photo: Classroom by WillowM

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