Learning by getting naked



You’ll either find this fascinating, or you’ll be creeped out by it.  Either way, it’s worth posting because it’s another free technology tool to use for education purposes. You’re getting “virtually” naked. It’s called “Visible Body” and it’s marketed as “…the best human anatomy visualization tool available today.”

Here’s some of the features:

  • Complete, fully interactive, 3D human anatomy model
  • Detailed models of all body systems
  • Dynamic search capability
  • Easy-to-use, 3D controls
  • Seamless compatibility with all the most popular web browsers

This entirely Web-delivered application is a pretty impressive human anatomy resource. The Visible Body includes 3D models of over 1,700 anatomical structures, including all major organs and systems of the human body.

With the Visible Body, you can:

  • Search for and locate anatomical structures by name.
  • Hide, rotate, see through, and explore parts of human anatomy.
  • Move the model in three-dimensional space, by either clicking directly on the
    model or using the virtual joystick.
  • Zoom in and out, using either the on-screen zoom slider or a mouse scroll wheel.
  • Click on systems or structures to make them transparent or hide them entirely.
  • Click on anatomical structures to reveal names.

Interested?  Click here to take a tour where you can learn about the key features of the Visible Body.  Want to try it?  Here’s a link to the site.

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