Joe’s Resolutions for 2011


Ugh…its the last afternoon of Christmas Vacation! How did two weeks scream by so quickly? I’ve done my best ignoring work email, the fact my clothes need to be ironed for the week, and the idea that the alarm clock will rip through the blissful silence a full two hours before I have even contemplated getting up for the past 16 days.  However, as the sun fades on this final day of Christmas Vacation I am slowly remembering the life that has been put on pause.  As upcoming meetings and due dates drift through my mind I find myself finally establishing a few resolutions for 2011.  You see, when you’re a teacher the new year doesn’t really start until you have to return to work.  Below are five resolutions for 2011.

  1. Call It Like it Is – I’m over saying “two thousand and…eight, nine, ten…”  Its too many words, so I am calling 2011 like it is – “twenty-eleven.”  We did this in the 1980 and the 1990s…and I assume the decades before that. No one said “one thousand, nine-hundred, and ninety-eight.”  Its time to bring back the short name, so everyone say it with me “twentyeleven.”
  2. Read More – Yea, we already know I read books, but this year I am also going to focus on reading labels and recipes.  Today I almost made a complete soup recipe without noticing that the matzo ball dough needed to cool for 30 minutes!  A few weeks ago I tried to wash a cashmere sweater!  In twenty-eleven (see, its catching) I will read labels more clearly.  You never know when you might need that information.
  3. Write More – Once upon a time I had beautiful handwriting, but the twenty-first century has stolen that from me.  I type and text so much I’m losing my manual dexterity with pens.  This year I will try to hand write more.  Calligraphy anyone?
  4. See More of the World – The world is a beautiful place and I plan on seeing more of it.  Between Flickr, the Nat Geo channel, and House Hunters International I plan on touring a few more places.
  5. Exercise More – I bought a bike, I should ride it.  I also have shoes, perhaps I should walk more too.  Now that I think about it my pants also have a seat….hmm….

As you can imagine, these aren’t really my resolutions.  Then again, I might actually stick to #1.  In reality, I tend not to make any New Year’s resolutions because Oprah was right, they always end up falling apart unless I can make them part of my daily life.  With that in mind I may try to improve things a little bit here and there, but slow and steady sounds like a good plan for resuming life and navigating the eventual changes in 2011.


Photo: Adapted from 2011 by Eva the Weaver on Flickr


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