Jing! So Cool!


This morning Will Richardson had a post about Skitch and in his message he mentioned a program called Jing. Of course, I had to check it out and I am so glad that I did!

Have you ever needed a way to show someone how to do something on a computer and perhaps you weren’t in the same room? Perhaps you need to show them how to log on to Moodle, or upload a file, or edit their wiki. Well, with this free (yes, FREE) program you can do such things. Previously, I have used iShowU and Blip.tv to create screen casts and upload them to the web. iShowU is a great program and fairly cheap ($29), but iShowU is Mac only and uploading files to Blip and waiting for them to convert to Flash can take a little time (15-30 minutes). If you are having an IM conversation with the person you are trying to help you may not want to wait that long.

Jing takes care of the same functions in a matter of minutes and provides you with a URL. Check out my test screencast. I simply used the built in microphone on my computer and in a matter of minutes I was showing someone how to log on to Moodle. Keep in mind I did all of this while getting ready to go to brunch, so it is pretty easy stuff even when you aren’t devoting your full attention to it. Will, should you read this – Thanks again!



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