It Works! It Works! It Works!


Thanks to John’s fantastic help my $50 interactive whiteboard is up and running. The Ghetto Dell is all fixed and even has a few new updates. Apparently the re-installation CD for the Dell doesn’t include all of the features it actually needs – like Bluetooth drivers. Why? I have no idea…its bizarre to me. Man, reconfiguring a PC just reminds me how nice and easy Apple makes it to reinstall the operating system on all of their products. I seriously question any IT folks who swear up and down that PCs are easier to maintain. If all teachers had Macs, they could take care of these things themselves. 😀 I digress…

The DIY interactive whiteboard works great! The only oddity is your placement of the Wiimote. It needs to be about 45 degrees from the whiteboard and kind of high. I had to put it on a chair on a table at the district office to make it work. Tomorrow I am going to have to figure out how to set mine up so that it doesn’t interfere with students’ ability to see the board. Overall…very cool!


1/31/08 Update: I used it today in class.  It works pretty good, but I still need to find the best location for my Wiimote.  Any location works decently to control the screen, but writing can be a bit messy if the Wiimote isn’t in its ideal location.  Unfortunately, this consists largely of setting it on a chair on top of a desk in front of student’s line of sight.  I need to build a stand…

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