iPhone 2.0 Upgrade


This morning I succumbed to the hype and installed the iPhone 2.0 upgrade on my first generation iPhone. It was an interesting process.

I plugged my phone in and like normal iTunes started up and informed me that iPhone2.0 was available. I started the installation process and waited. It took about 5 minutes to download the approximately 200MB file. The phone said it was backing up and the procedure seemed to be going normal. Once iTunes was finished installing the upgrade it tried to go to the iTunes Store to reactivate my phone. At that point an iTunes Store error message appeared and my phone became a brick for few minutes. I kept calm, didn’t freak out and retried connecting to the store. On the third try it finally connected. I thought of @mpack and her advice that you should wait a week before doing any Apple upgrade. It sounds like I may not be alone in this bumpy adventure.

Once my phone had successfully connected to the iTunes store It did take another 15 minutes to complete whatever it needed to do and load the backed up file, returning my phone to a normal, usable state. My phone appears to be running fine and I even installed by first app. – Twitterific for iPhone. While I was waiting I did read an interesting post. Apparently, now I can take screen shots with my iPhone. Not sure why I would need to do that, but I posted my first here for you to see. Okay time to go clean out the garage like I promised.



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