Interesting Things…


Yesterday a couple of interesting things crossed my computer screen.

First, I was checking to see how students were accessing my classroom blog. As I was scanning through the search phrases that brought people to either this blog or my classroom blog I noticed someone with a K-12 IP address found my blog using this Google search. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

Second, while conducting a Google Advanced Search for KML files later in the afternoon I noticed that you can limit your results by usage rights. Is this new or just new to me? I would guess probably just new to me. :-)

Third, I read about a great way to introduce teachers to the Read/Write Web or Web 2.0 on Clay Burell’s Beyond School blog. I am ready to hop on a plane and be part of the scavenger hunt!

Seriously, I will have to remember this idea for future professional development activities. Sometimes we forget that teachers (who are quite often the worst students) need learning activities that are just as engaging as the ones we give to our kids. This is a great one! Check it out.


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