Let me start this post by saying I am pretty sure this is just another example of when I am the last one to show up at a party. However, I have never heard anyone talk about this song, so perhaps I didn’t miss anything yet.

A few weeks ago we started a new Wednesday tradition – “What’s on Mr. Wood’s iPod?” It happened by accident. I clicked the wrong button on my iPhone and the kids heard a short 1-2 second snippet of a popular song. Immediately, they all responded with song’s title and artist….and they were hungry for more. I told them if their behavior was excellent they could guess a few more at the very end of class. Sure enough, they all sat silently (pretty tough for this class), so they guessed at two more. Since then songs have been pouring into my email by various students wanting to show me what they like. Some of it is great…some of it is questionable, but I am trying not to be a 30-something prude. I do, however, appreciate this bond we have over music now.

Today my kids came to class with a song I have never heard before – iGeneration by MC Lars. Initially I didn’t think much of it, but a few students started quoting the lyrics and telling me that it “described who they were.” This piqued my curiosity. After listening to the song (and reading the lyrics) I see what my students meant. If you have never heard this song take a moment to listen to it on iTunes or press play on the video above. It might give you some insight to “their generation” and at least you won’t be the last one to the party like me. :-) Its kind of catchy too.


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