Great Google Earth Resources


If you know me at all you, know I love Google Earth. Unfortunately, as predominantly Physical Science (physics, chemistry, and astronomy) teacher I don’t have too many opportunities to use this program in my own classroom. When I can find a Social Studies or Language Arts teacher who will take two seconds to listen to me I am constantly trying to convince them to use Google Earth.

Last summer I became inspired to use Google Earth in my classroom after reading about Google Lit Trips. This weekend I am attending the CLMS/CLHS Technology conference where the creator of Google Lit Trips, Jerome Berg is presenting. While visiting his website (and gleaning a few ideas) I noticed he has been hard at work creating awesome, easy-to-follow handouts. His resources are great for students and teachers alike. I know a certain social studies teacher who will be using these with his students during their Family Genealogy projects (Bill – no fret I will be there to help. :-))


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