Google Wave – Social Media & Collaboration Love Child


What would email or instant messaging look like if they were invented today? This is a question Google is attempting to answer with their new product, Google Wave.

Wave or I guess GWave was announced yesterday at the Google I/O Conference, the giant Google developer event. I have to admit that describing Google Wave is a bit tough. This would be a perfect example of when a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, as you can see that portion of the Google Wave site is not currently up.  David Wong, one of the Google engineers did produce this video, but as my friend Matt would say he starts talking a little too much “flux capacitor” for me to completely understand.  On a side note,  it just me or is it a little strange a white board was used to discuss a phenomenal technology project?

I did spend some time reading TechCrunch’s description and it sounds like Google Wave is something akin to a web browser with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Wikispaces, Gmail, and Google Chat all combined. In some ways it also sounds a lot like Flock, but with the potential for many more mash ups. In the end it looks like Google Wave could become the ultimate collaboration and communication tool. Just looking at the screenshots I’m excited about possibly using this tool with students and my team members in the near future. While Google Wave isn’t currently available, you can sign up to be notified when its released. If Google Wave ends up being anything like Google Voice (formerly Grand Central) I know it will have been worth the wait!


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