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Imust say CUE was a phenomenal conference, but if I’ve learning anything this week its that when you present three times you miss out on a whole bunch of great sessions. :-)  Fortunately, yesterday morning I had the opportunity to attend a session on Google tips and tricks presented by Mark Wagner with two colleagues. More than once our jaws dropped when we learned some new Google tool that had always been there before. You can actually view all of the resources Mark provided by checking out this wiki page. However, here are a few of my favorites.

Google Books
At Google Books you can search for books on a particular topic. The resources you will find contain partial or completely scanned books and magazines. For example, if you search for “21st Century Skills” you will find 583 different books on that topic. Many of the books are fully scanned an available to read online. With your Google account you can also make a searchable list of all of the books in your own personal or school library by uploading the ISBN numbers for each of those book.

Google Scholar
When searching for research articles people can use Google Scholar. Much like Google Books this Google product provides complete or partially scanned journal and research articles. One handy feature is that just below each article a “cited by” link will take users to a list of other articles which that particular resource.

Google Translate
Before attending this session I was aware Google Translate and its ability to translate individual words or blocks of text. What I didn’t realize is that it could also translate a URL turning all of the text on that page from one language to another. For example, here’s the San Juan Unified School District site in Spanish. Granted, a computer is doing this translation and I am sure there are mistakes. However, I’m amazed that in just a few seconds this resource is here to use as a starting point.

One last thing.  More than once I had someone from my sessions tell me they missed my regular posts on JoeWoodOnline.  I guess this is what happens when you start a new job.  Something inadvertently has to fall to the wayside.  However, your words of encouragement have me dreaming of more blog posts.

Stay tuned!



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