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Mail GogglesToday on NPR’s Weekend America heard a great story about Google Goggles that had me in stitches.  In college I first heard the phrase “looking though beer goggles.”  For those who don’t know this statement’s meaning, basically it summarizes the poor decision making skills each of us has when an inebriated state.  Now Google has launched a Gmail feature that when enabled forces you to solve a few math problems before sending out an email.  Hopefully, by completing these tasks you can make sure you are in the correct frame of mind prior to clicking send.  I am curious if they could develop a test to ensure you don’t send out emotional emails.  Those seem to get people in a little more trouble, especially at work.

As I wrote this post I shared the story with Burt and like me he initially thought it might be some sort of Google-style April Fool’s prank, but its real.  I set up Mail Goggles on my Gmail account by clicking on settings, and then the Labs tab.  There you can enable the feature and make adjustments under the General settings tab.

Kelly says I heard this story earlier in the week on NBC Nightly News, but I honestly don’t remember it.  Says a lot about my past week, doesn’t it?


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