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This semester I am enrolled in a Multimedia in Education class as part of an Education Technology MA program. For my latest assignment I had to produce video tutorial using still images and video to teach a concept. Since Google Earth has become my latest software du jour, I created a little tutorial on making your own global tour. Take a look and make your own tour. Its easy and your students will be wowed. :-)


This little assignment also lead to a battle between iMovieHD, iMovie08, and Final Cut Studio at my house last night. The winner ended up being iMovie08 , but it wasn’t because it is a perfect piece of technology. It has a better codec than iMovieHD (at least for my iShowU clips), uploads to YouTube, and can slickly adjust video clips of different resolutions without massive amounts of time wasted rendering. While simpler to use than Final Cut, Apple made some “interesting” decisions in this latest version of iMovie. What happened to the video and audio tracks? Why do my credits appear centered in iMovie, but are offset when finalized? And my biggest complaint – why can’t I adjust the speed of individual video clips?!?!? I certainly hope there is a stream of updates to come so I don’t have to break down and give MovieMaker a whirl.


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