Google Car on the Move


The last couple of weeks I have been savoring the fact I work close enough to my house that I can pop home for lunch. Today might have been one of the last days I can do this – we’re moving to Sacramento next weekend. :-) and :-(

Today on my way home I saw a Google car with what I assume to be cameras attached to the top of it by a long silver pole. This was actually the second time I have seen this car. Both times it was driving around older neighborhoods that are already on Google Maps and Google Earth. Does this mean Modesto is one of the next cities to have the “Street View” feature? We’ll have to wait and see.


Note: The car pictured was not the actual car. The one floating around Modesto is a Chevy Cobalt, but it has a Google logo on the side and a much larger flat black box with multiple openings all around it.

Follow Up: On Saturday the car drove up and down my street.  Perhaps you get to see my soon-to-be old house on Google Maps.

Photo: Google Streetview Car by Anthonut

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