Goodbye Google Reader, Hello Facebook


As I was accessing Google Docs this morning I accidentally selected Google Reader.  When the page flashed open I noticed I had over 1000 unread items and immediately, guilt rushed through my stomach.  “Crap…I haven’t been keeping up on my online reading…another “must do” that has fallen off of the plate.”  Slowly, I scanned all of my unread items and realized, “Wait…I have read most of this stuff!  I just read it on Facebook instead.”

So there it is, I have officially stopped using Google Reader and migrated over to Facebook.  I’m not sure when it happened, but it did.  Using friends, colleagues, and liked pages my learning has become crowd-sourced through people I know and care about.  I think that’s a good thing.  In between status updates, check-ins, and photo uploads, I am using all of you for a little learning too.  Now if but I’ll just have to get the authors of a couple favorite sources to link their work through Facebook.


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