Gettin’ Ready for Digital Learning Day


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Digital Learning Day is right around the corner – a week from Wednesday (February 5, 2014) to be exact!  This third annual event is sponsored by the Alliance for Excellent Education with many partners including the National Writing Project, Library of Congress, and Edutopia. The day itself is simply a national day to celebrate innovative teachers and students and share creative ways to use technology for learning.

At Natomas Charter School we’ll be celebrating Digital Learning Day. It is the perfect opportunity to try on a new tool or strategy…or showcase the brilliant work our students have been doing over the past year. At our school teachers are celebrating it a bit differently depending on their grade level or lesson plans for the day. We have one academy celebrating it school-wide, while others teachers are celebrating the day from their classroom. Regardless of what you have planned keep it simple, easy, and fun.

Below are just a few ideas for what you might do on Digital Learning Day and any of them could tie in nicely with the lessons you already have planned.

Regardless of what you choose to do on Digital Learning Day, share it with the world using the #DLDay hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or Facebook. It is a great way to share the innovative and inspirational learning you and your students are doing. Have any other ideas for how to celebrate Digital Learning Day, post them in the comments section below.



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