Gettin’ Fresh for 2009


As you may have noticed, its been a while since I posted. That’s because I pretty much unplugged for the two week Winter Vacation. Well, I unplugged everything except Facebook – its just too addicting. :-)

Since December 19th I haven’t checked email or Google Reader and paid minimal attention to Twitter.  It was wonderful! I highly recommend unplugging. I discovered my “old school” life. You know, the one before I had a wireless device an arm’s length away and constantly thought of blogging or innovative teaching. I spent my days reading, relaxing with friends and family, and painting the house. That last one might not sound like too much fun to many readers, but honestly I find painting quite soothing. Its mindless and provides instant gratification assuming you like the color you picked out.

So now I have a Cabin Red kitchen, Wise Owl family room, and Pine Needle office ready to start 2009 and what an exciting year it is going to be! Just before Winter vacation I found out that beginning in mid January I will have a new job. I hadn’t planned on leaving my current position anytime soon, but sometimes the unexpected happens.  I will terribly miss my colleagues and students, but I will also be able to focus my time and energy where I feel most passionate – helping teachers and school site leaders effectively use technology as an instructional tool. I can hardly wait to begin! Its going to be a blast! As a result, I peeked at my email this afternoon and gave my Google Reader a quick skim. I’m looking forward to Monday!


Photo: The Worlds Network by Sashaa on Flickr


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