Generation Me


I received a link to a story about Generation Me in my inbox this morning and it has me thinking. Are we partially to blame?

The story reported by San Francisco’s ABC 7 discusses the effect Generation Me is having on the workforce. According to the story, as children these adults received constant praise from their parents and were sheltered from criticism. Today this group of employees is accustomed to a life of instant gratification, has a sense of entitlement, and expects those needs to be met by their bosses. If their needs aren’t met they are not afraid of leaving their employer for a new position. Unfortunately (for the employers), Generation Me is also highly educated and technologically sophisticated making them an important component of many corporations.

Interestingly, in this story educators were never mentioned, but I believe we play a very significant role in helping students celebrate success and cope with failure. What is the best way to help our students achieve their goals and learn from their mistakes? Each year I watch as another group of students graduates from 8th grade. However, there is always a minority who do not walk across the stage. In many cases this is the last opportunity to help these students change their ways so that they can graduate from high school and go on to college or trade school. What’s the best way for helping them see the error of their ways?

On another blog which I love reading, Apophenia, their is an interesting post about Generation Me by Jean Twenge. I will definitely have to put that on my Amazon list.


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