GEMS Alien Juice Bar Challenge


Today is Valentine’s Day, “double lunch” for Renaissance students, and the day before a 4-day weekend. Needless to say its a bit tough to keep 13 and 14 year-olds focused this morning. Fortunately, my friend Lisa tipped me off to a great online GEMS lab related to acids and bases a few weeks ago.

The Alien Juice Bar Challenge is a few years old, but its a fantastic Flash-based review of acids, bases, and indicators. It seems to be keeping my 8th graders (who are currently experiencing major sugar-rushes due to early morning Valentine’s Day candy) entertained and engaged. On top of that the activity even relates to the standards (CA 8th grade Science Standard 5e to be exact).

So, if you need a computer-based acid/base review definitley give the GEMS Alien Juice Bar Challenge a look. I have a worksheet that goes along with it. Should you want a copy send me an email.


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