Fun & Festive Reason to Use Google Earth



Being the day before Thanksgiving, Christmas is on the mind of many folks young and old. As a child, my brothers and I would stay up late on Christmas Eve tracking Santa Claus on the news. It was very exciting to watch his progress and I probably picked up a few geography skills in the process (my tricky parents – always forcing me to learn). NORAD would publish sightings of Chris Kringle on their radars that would appear on our local newscast.

Now, in the 21st century you can still track Santa using the news, but you can also view his progress using Google Earth. Starting December 1st there will be an special countdown to Christmas Eve on NORAD’s Santa Tracker Website. According to the Google Earth Blog This is the second year Google Earth has been the official “techie” method of tracking Santa. Check out what they did last year.

Have a great Turkey Day tomorrow!


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