As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, Frontline is one of my favorite shows and its investigative journalism can’t be beat.  Tonight’s episode, HEAT, discusses the politics of global warming and environmental policy.  I am sure I will be both enlightened and angered – even more angered than when I hear political candidates clip g’s and speak in sound bites.  Below is the description directly from Frontline’s site.

For years, big business–from oil and coal companies to electric utilities to car manufacturers–has resisted change to environmental policy and stifled the debate over climate change in America and around the globe. Now, facing rising pressure from governments, green groups and investors alike, big business is reshaping its approach to the environment. With the election looming, FRONTLINE producer Martin Smith investigates what some businesses are doing to fend off new regulations and how others are repositioning themselves to prosper in a radically changed world.

Sometimes I wish I could just teach content based current events!  Our times are so full of important educational opportunities.  Set your DVRs or book time to watch it online!


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