Friday Inspiration


Two items from my Google Reader account popped into my mind as I took an early morning shower.  Both of these have me inspired and thinking this morning and I thought you might like to check them out too.  First of all, through The Thinking Stick I was led to a great Ignite Philly video by Chris Lehmann for administrators.  As you watch it ask yourself what you are doing to help achieve these goals.

When I first saw the slide below on Dangerously Irrelevant I viewed it as a wake up call for administrators.  However, the thought that crossed my mind this morning is that it really is a message to all of us in the classroom.  At all of the schools in which I have worked the mere mention of becoming an administrator is received with groans and looks of disdain by fellow teachers.  “Why would you want to join the dark side?” is a common question.  However, if we really want to effect change many of us are going to have to become administrators and lead the charge.

Okay, back to prepping for the day…enhanced motion vocab podcats are on tap.



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