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Are you are “rockstar teacher?”  Would you like to be taught by a rockstar teacher?  These were some of the questions posed by Chris Walsh at the beginning of Day 1 of the CLMS Technology Conference last weekend as he introduced his new endeavor, Brightstorm.  This product connects high school students with some of the best teachers in the world through engaging, online videos.  Currently the site provides courses in Geometry, Algebra 2, Writing, US History, and SAT test prep skills and at the moment you can check them out for FREE!

At the conference Chris provided links for CUE and CLHS members to preview Brightstorm and sign up for one complementary class.  The links will work for you AND your students until December 31st.  I think even if you’re not a CUE/CLHS member – but you really should join CUE if you live on the west coast.  Here in Sacramento, the CapCUE affiliate is always looking for new members.  :-)  Even if you’re paying for Brightstorm, each course only costs $49 for a 12 month subscription – not too bad for a great review course.  I’m thinking Christmas presents for a few high school students I know????

This morning, I’ve been checking out the site and I have to say I’m very impressed.  The videos are extremely well done and I was immediately hooked.  I’m having a tough time deciding which class I should purchase with my free subscription (this one or this one).  From my brief overview it looks like each class has 15-20 episodes, along with “bonus materials” including PDFs and (I think) interactive websites.  Brightstorm is looking to expand their course collection, so if you’d like to make a little extra money and you think you might be a “rockstar teacher” then check out the Brightstorm teacher recruitment site.  I know I have at least one math teacher who I’ll be sending a link to this post just so he’ll sign up!  Check out Brightstorm and let me know what you think.  Could this be the future of education?


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