Free Rice!


Burt sent me a tweet about Free Rice a few weeks ago, but in the hectic moments of the final weeks of graduate school it kind of fell through the cracks. Today on NPR I heard a great story about Free Rice and now I finally know what his tweet was all about!

Free Rice is a vocabulary building website. As a user you are given a word and four choices for the definition of that word. Each time you click the correct word 20 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program. So far as of this morning 9,123,269,430 grains of rice have been donated.

When you have a moment, play a round of Free Rice. If you are a teacher in a room full of students, use your LCD projector to let the students play too! We donated 60 grains in the spare minute or two we had before the bell rang at the end of 2nd period.


Photo: by Kien Pham
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