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Since we seem to be in the mood to share cool (and free) stuff, here’s another site that helps you overcome barriers with file formats and types.  It’s called and PCMagazine says, “YouConvertIt is a dead-simple way to change the file format into something you can use.”  It allows you to do more than just simple conversion, it rips stuff from the web – like YouTube videos and emails you the converted file.  It’s full of features for audio, video, images, and document files. On the site you can change WAV to MP3, JPEG to TIFF, DOC to HTML, AVI to MP4. There’s a drop down list that goes on, and on and on.

convert units screen captureIf you thought the file conversion thing was cool, check this out.  It will also convert units of measurement, velocity, speed, angles, “Butter conversions” for cooking, viscosity, Metric density conversions. You can even convert illuminance from Lumen/sq.meter (Lu/m^2) to milliphot; if you were so inclined.  (I wish I even knew what that was!).

Word of caution though – it might not be the quickest thing you use.  As I was trying to play with it today, the page wasn’t loading very fast.  It was a bit sluggish for some reason.

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