First Day of School


Like many of you, Monday is my first day of school. The boxes are unpacked, copies are made, pencils are sharpened, and forms are piled on everyone’s desk. I even have a few computer and lab activities ready to go for later in the week.

This time of year is always full of mixed emotions. Part of me is excited to meet my new crop of students and start a fresh year with tons of exciting activities. I can’t wait to use Google Earth with my students, get them onto Moodle for the first time, and show them how to blog and wiki. At the same time, part of me is depressed to see summer come to an end. No more days of sleeping-in and lounging on the couch with the girls (on the few days that actually happened). There is also part of me, deep down inside, that is completely nervous – like in the way I was irrationally nervous on the first day of kindergarten or the first day of junior high.

I have to go to school all day? I have to ride the bus by myself? What am I going to do without my mom and dad? What do I do for lunch? What if I get lost going from one class to another? We have to dress out for PE? What if I get trash-canned?

Isn’t it funny how these first-day-of-school feelings never go away, even for teachers? When I was a kid the warm, welcoming smile of my new teacher and a box full of fresh school supplies always settled my stomach (Yea! Fresh clay!). So, I am polishing my smile and I know my cabinet is stocked to the brim with an order from Office Depot. It will all be okay…

Happy First Day of School!


Photo: TomFHaines on Flickr.


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