Final CLMS Morning


Woke up this morning and went to a great presentation on Extreme Moodle by John Patten. While I know this guy quite well (he is my tech director) I still picked up a few great ideas from him.

The side conversations I had with some of the other session attendees has also ignited some ideas for additional Moodle uses with my students. One of the reasons why I like attending these conferences are the conversations with other attendees. Teachers by nature are smart, innovative people. Unfortunately, since we sometimes work in isolated environments we don’t always have the opportunity to share what we are doing with each other and end up reinventing the wheel in different ways.

On that note, I got a few questions this morning from people who attended my presentations about the resources I provide for my students. I imagine that a few of you might be stumbling across this page now that you are home and have a good internet connection. If you heard me talk about Moodle, wikis, podcasting, blogs, Planbook, or Google Earth at some point this weekend feel free to check out the PBWiki link and the Projects tab at the top of this page. Leave me a comment and with your own website or resources so I can learn from you too. :-)



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