Famous Techies


Sometimes when I attend technology events I find that many of the attendees and speakers drop names like nobody’s business.

“Have you read so-and-so?”

“So-and-so’s blog post was amazing.”

” I can’t even believe so-and-so would advocate for that program.”

Sheepishly, I often fake that I know who they are talking about and make a mental note to Google it later when no one is looking.  I would feel like a bit of a dork admitting this publicly, but I’ve seen others like me doing quick searches on their iPhones as they walk away.  Over the weekend I noticed on Danah Boyd’s blog (OMG…I do it too!) that a few Fellows from the Berkman Center have put together The Internet Lexicon that treats all of these techies as if they were parts of speech.  I will still have to Google names, but the listings give me a little more insight on who is who and are kind of entertaining.  Maybe, you need this resource too?


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