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Just like many universities, UC Davis produces a quarterly magazine for alumni and other “friends of the university” that chronicles campus events and stories about former students.  Since I am a UC Davis alum (Biological Sciences ’00), I receive UC Davis Magazine.  In the past I used to barely read the magazine before tossing it into the recycle bin.  However, now that we are back up in the Sacramento area and only 15 minutes from campus I find the magazine’s information a little more interesting and useful.

The other night Kelly walked up to get our mail and while he was standing on the driveway mail-in-hand, talking to me about work stuff, I kept thinking, “The person on the cover of UC Davis Magazine sure looks familiar.”  Then it dawned on me, “That’s my cousin!”  Actually, she is my first cousin once removed (I had to look that one up on  I knew my cousin Annie and her husband Jeff were organic farmers in the Capay Valley and I also knew that I could find them at the Davis Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.  What I didn’t realize is that they were such leaders in sustainable agriculture and that they also played roles in starting both the Davis Farmers Market and the Davis Co-opRead the article for yourself.

As I’m checking out their farm’s website, Good Humus, I’m also learning that they have a CSA program for Sacramento and San Francisco residents.  On a side note, I’ve been looking into joining CSA program ever since I realized Soil Born Farms is right in front of my new school. How cool is that? A big farm adjacent to the parking lot in the middle of Sacramento!  Lately Kelly and I have been trying to “green up” our lives in various ways.  Its nice to know I have some pioneering family members who I can ask for advice.


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