Even Principals Have Blogs


This morning I discovered Scott McLeod’s post SETDA – Empowering Administrators with Professional Development. A quick scan of his presentation led me to the CASTLE website where I found a collection of administrator-related blogs. The links are found on the left side of the page. As a teacher I had never stumbled across these before. Check out LeaderTalk and at the School House Gate. There are some great resources and discussions occurring on these pages for both administrators and classroom teachers (ignoring the light bulb joke :-))

A few administrators in my district have approached me about blogging and like many teachers they are unsure of how to set up a blog or why they would even have one. If you are an administrator interested in blogging take a look at the Principal Blogging Project including Why Blog as an Administrator.

I always advise to my soon-to-be bloggers, whether they be students or educators, that the best blog writers are often the most avid blog readers. So take a look at the resources provided by CASTLE, subscribe to a few blogs, digest some information, and think about how blogging can help you reach your audience.


Photo: Old School House by ElPresidente408


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